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Most of this page will be about games and stuff that I play in my spare time. I know, sounds nerdy, but I enjoy what I enjoy. I am also working on publishing a work of my Rifts™ material. There is a good and bad side to working on publishing it, good: I hope it gets published and I get money for something I enjoy, bad: I canít post it on here until it is rejected by Palladium Books. But rest assured, if it is rejected, I will post the entirety (all 70+ pages!) of my work in text format on this page for all to use!


ďWhat did I use for hacking?Ē You askÖ a new editor for the 1.10 patch that has the awesome power to edit ANY item in the game. Using this, I created a character that has ridiculous items and over 6000% magic item find! I am currently working with this character to get every unique item in the game. I am well along the way, with only 30 unique items left to claim!

You canít really see it here, but those are hacked uniques with attributes like 100% life and mana leech, 75% absorb of cold, fire, lightning and magic damage. After I got toward the end of the game, I decided to get maximum everything on every item. The character does about 2000-15,000 damage (including elemental), and can kill Diablo in Hell mode with players 8 on in about 10 seconds and never take a point of damage! So needless to say, the 1.10 editor is greatÖ


Ah, one of my all-time favorite games. Always good multiplayer game play, and itís easy to make your own maps and campaigns. Like Column Assault, Or Buz Angles, Buz Angles 2, or Buz Angles 3, versions 3n1 and 3m2.

I used to say that Warcraft 3 was inferior to Starcraft, however, that opinion has changed. I have recently gotten better at Warcraft 3 and understand the elements of control better. After doing so, I have found that I enjoy Warcraft 3 a little more. Plus, you can play with up to 12 players on a Warcraft map. I hope that Blizzard soon comes out with a Starcraft 2 that has the best elements of Warcraft 3 and incorporates them into a Starcraft engine.

The Fallout series (Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics)

Now for my favorite series of non-RTS games ever to grace my PC. The screenshots from fallout 1 and 2 donít paste very well, they come out mostly black for some odd reason, so I couldnít show them here, but fallout tactics...now thatís another story.

The beginning of character creation... At this point, pretty much do whatever you want with your character.

The second step; giving everything from your other party members to the leader and saving, along with tossing all the useless junk you start with, like the bug-on-a-shell and the stinky meat platter.

Step three: exit and open up your hero editor (if you canít tell, I love those hero editors). Step four: set your stats, skills, perks and traits to what you want them to be. By the way, way of the fruit is a great perk to take if you like benefits of chems but donít like the penalties.

Then, open the game back up after applying the settings and BLAM, super character, there you are.

In what other game can a young lady walk around a town with a minigun, rocket launcher, or rail gun, and it be perfectly acceptable. You can download the hero editors for Fallout, Fallout2, and Fallout Tactics by clicking on the hyperlinks.

My Personal Fitness Program

I have recently started a personal fitness program for myself. It is of my own design, and has not only helped me drop a noticeable amount of fat, but has increased my muscle mass by a noticeable amount. Do not be mistaken, this is not just a workout, but a total fitness program, designed to increase physical fitness, increase mental clarity, and bring me into a closer personal walk with God.

The first step: Eating right. I do not cut out any food groups, such as carbs. To do so can be harmful to your metabolism, and in doing so, you can do PERMANENT damage to your body. That is not my opinion, that is nutritional fact. Dr. Atkins died at a relatively young age because he ignored this fact. Here is the key: drink 1 gallon (128 ounces) of water every day. This will help your body naturally fight off most harmful bacteria, viruses, and will provide the natural component for most injury healing processes. In addition to drinking water, a daily multivitamin will also help give your body everything it needs to repair itself. This step is absolutely essential if you are adding an exercise regimen. Water and vitamins, along with proper nutrition, will help you build muscle mass while burning fat. The next item is proper nutrition. Your body needs all the food groups in the food pyramid, including fats and sugars. Sugars, carbs and fats give your body energy that is easy to burn. Eating these foods at the right time is the key. Fats, sugars and carbs should be eaten before exercise so that the calories consumed from the food are burned by the exercise. Proteins should be eaten after a workout, especially intense workouts. Proteins help you newly torn (after a workout) muscle tissue retain water and accelerate the healing process. Soreness after a workout should be expected and is necessary for increasing muscle mass.

The second step: Working out. For those starting their first workout regimen, it should be something challenging, but attainable. I started with 20 pushups, 20 situps, 20 reps benchpress, 20 reps butterfly, 20 reps lat pulls and 20 reps curl. I did these reps with only 10 pounds. This may sound miniscule, but in 1 month, I had lost a noticeable amount of body fat and had not lost any weight. This means that the fat I was burning was turning into muscle mass! After the first month, I increased all of my reps counts by 10 (they are now 30), and doubled the weight. In addition, I added the Horse Riders stance from Shaolin Kung Fu and the exercise of 30 punches.

Now for the most important part. The third step: dedicating time to God. Part of my personal fitness program is to give some of the firstfruits of my time to God. He does not get the leftovers of my day, or time that I am simply not doing something else. I set aside time at the beginning or end of my day (depending on if I work morning or evening), and allow him to have the time. Reading His word is essential to hear from him and to bring your life under his control. Simply by doing this daily, I feel closer to God, and I believe I know him a better every day. It also helps me keep my daily struggles surrendered to Him, and my body under the control of His Spirit.

Good luck in your endeavors! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me:

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